Chris Belchamber is one of the few IRMAA-certified planners in the US and can provide a full IRMAA assessment. Call to arrange a comprehensive IRMAA review to find out what will likely happen to your Social Security payment, Medicare costs and taxes over the span of your retirement. Then you will be able to reconsider all your financial options to minimize the impact of IRMAA on your retirement.

eIt is hard to underestimate the crucial importance of IRMAA to all financial planning, and in particular, retirement planning. You don’t have a credible retirement plan until you have fully reviewed IRMAA.

View the video below: The IRMAA Tax — Hidden, Nasty, Retroactive.

Then make sure you get a comprehensive review of your own exposure to IRMAA.

It also brings forward the time investors need to start their investment planning. Your earnings at age 63 will likely have a direct impact on your taxes and benefits at age 65. Your whole retirement investment structure needs to be optimized for IRMAA, potentially several years in advance of age 65. As a result, the latest optimal time to form a comprehensive retirement plan is 60 years of age.

This is a very serious issue which is likely to impact a significant percentage of your retirement savings. This is critical for anyone who has substantial tax-deferred retirement savings.

IRMAACP is the first certification to assist professionals, from CPAs to Financial Advisors to Attorneys, in navigating and planning for Medicare‚Äôs IRMAA. With education on advanced planning, impacts on retirement plans, and training on appellate scenarios for clients, IRMAA Certified Planner is transforming how financial professionals conduct business and increase service value. In conjunction with Healthcare Retirement Planner, we have created the industries first and only complete solution for educating financial professionals and individuals on this topic. We have also created the solution to help project and mitigate these issues within individual’s retirement plans.

For more detail, view the video.