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Investors Need to Adopt “Best Investor Standards”

BEST INVESTORS” have a track record of outstanding performance over decades. Their principles, priorities, and practices have common themes and come with measurable clarity. Understanding what their performance metrics are and why they work is crucial to assessing how you measure up to “best investor” behavior and whether or not you are on an optimal track for outstanding long-term performance. Surprisingly, few investors understand how to optimally assess their performance or align their investment practice and objectives appropriately. These metrics also provide real-time guidance. You need to understand in real time how well your performance measures up. No one can afford to wait twenty years to find out. Yet many investors do not even get the key metrics they need to fully understand priority aspects of their portfolio performance.

“Whether your investment journey has just begun or you have decades of experience, it is all too easy to fall into believing commonly quoted and overly simplistic assumptions about  investing. However, the market’s crucial complexity lies beyond unsubstantiated myths and mantras. The wisdom and experience of the great investment practitioners–our ‘best investors’–addresses market reality, exposes confused thinking, and reveals a clear and surprisingly simple structure that can be easily understood and adopted.

“Investing like the best can lower your stress and risk levels while bringing you higher long-term returns. It can provide a stable platform for planning and give you more financial security now and for the rest of your life.”


The best practices of the most successful investors—with winning track records that span decades—can be clearly defined and simply measured in real-time. This transformation improves accountability, transparency and performance. Higher standards are harder to achieve, and so are rarely offered to investors.

After nearly forty years as an analyst, trader, and investor, Chris Belchamber reveals the most common pitfalls, barriers, habits, and beliefs that can send investors in the wrong direction, with sometimes devastating consequences.

  • Learn how to recognize and avoid these issues in your own investing as you discover more than twenty best investor Insights” and find the real relationship between risk and return.
  • Become your own advocate through understanding best practice. 
  • Transform your own results and experience as you learn from the greatest minds of investing and planning history. 
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Investment Management Best Practice

Derived from the track records of the most successful investors of all time

Four Steps To Becoming A Best Investor

1. Have A Crystal Clear Investment Objective.

2. Understand How Risk And Return Work Together.
Passive Investing And High Risk Investing Are Sub-Optimal.

3. Maximize Expected Return Continuously.
Market Risk And Opportunity Happen In Real Time.

4. Use the Risk Return Performance Grid.
For Real Time Assessment.

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  • Looking at just short term returns tells you very little. Once you understand the performance grid, you can make a better assessment. Then you are on a better path.

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