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Many financial plans suffer from the flaws of the failed Defined Benefit Pension Plans initiated around 50 years ago.

Audits of Defined Benefit Plans showed that assumptions tended to dominate results, so “favorable” results were selected. In consequence, security of funding broadly failed.

Many financial plans today fail to adequately address the problems of Defined Benefit Plans. A radically different approach is required for an authentic and valuable financial assessment.

View this video to understand the major issues with financial plans today.

There is a better way.

A Secure Financial Plan Needs To Reach A Much Higher Standard.

It should…


1. Be Assumption Free.

2. Be based on lifelong spending. Assets and income are often pre-tax, so a clearer picture emerges by basing results on spending from after tax assets, calculated accurately. Spending is in any case what matters, and is much easier to control.

3. Separate out investment assumptions, which introduce huge variability and require investment specialists to avoid poor advice.

4. Accurately address longevity and complexity. Highly advanced software is important.

5. Enable full optimization of multiple asset and income sources.

6. Be secure. A 20% failure rate is too high, even though it is often considered a “fiduciary” standard. It is irresponsible to offer results that are not authentically grounded.

Make sure you are moving forward with a Best Practice Financial Plan.

1. Start by creating a base plan with as few assumptions as possible (preferably none).

Your base plan then provides a foundation for comparisons for both “what/if” questions and optimization.

2. Become part of a nationwide network of support and ongoing information to stay fully informed on all matters related to the latest developments in cutting edge financial planning.

Understand and improve decision making throughout your life. This is not a one time deal, you need constant access to the best sources and partners.

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